Parliament is CONSIDERING end of life issues

Parliament's Health Select Committee is carrying out an investigation into ending one’s life in New Zealand. In order to fully understand public attitudes the committee is considering all the various aspects of the issue, including the personal, social, legal, medical, cultural, financial, ethical, and philosophical implications.

If you have a view about assisted suicide and/or euthanasia you should consider writing to Parliament and telling them what you think. Even a short letter stating clearly what you think about ending one's life is better than saying nothing.

Submissions are due by 1 February 2016. However, we would encourage you to write in as soon as possible as the Committee has already started to hear submissions. Please note that submissions are made public unless you specifically request anonymity.

Click here for more information and to go to the Select Committee website. 


There are three options you can choose from to send in your submission:


Please note that when you go to the parliamentary submission page, you have to scroll to the bottom of that page and look for the "Verification" section with the "Make a Submission" link inside a green box directly below it.

If preferred you can type up what you want to say on your computer and save it as a Word document or as a pdf. Then when you make your online submission you just have to upload what you have written. It's very easy to do!
Click here to make your online submission to Parliament.


Please note that when you send an email, it is helpful to include a reference to the Health Select Committee in the subject line of your email. You can attach a document as part of your email, although generally it is safer to do this by making an online submission.
Click here to send an email:


Post 2 copies to:
Committee Secretariat
Health Committee
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160


Phone: 04 817 9541
Fax: 04 499 0486

Suggested layout for AN EMAIL OR POSTAL submissioN

Committee Secretariat
Health Committee
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160


Investigation into ending one’s life in New Zealand

Name (individual, family or organisation):

I/We wish to appear before the Committee to speak to my/our Submission YES / NO

VIEWS – and Reasons for these views:
(refer to ideas and materials on this site, but don't just copy and paste - talk about what is most important to you.)

Remember to send 2 copies if posting your submission.

Online submissions have their own format for you to complete.