Legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia would directly involve our health system in a practice that the New Zealand Medical Association considers unethical.

The NZMA represents over 5,000 doctors in New Zealand. It periodically issues position statements on a number of important social issues including reducing alcohol harm, domestic violence, and care of old people. They have also issued a position statement stating that:

NZMA is opposed to both the concept and the practice of euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide.

NZMA also makes clear that euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide are unethical, and will remain unethical even if these practices were to be legalised in New Zealand.

This position is not dependent on euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide remaining unlawful. Even if they were to become legal, or decriminalised, the NZMA would continue to regard them as unethical.
— New Zealand Medical Association 2005